Company history
1995-2021 History
2019 Certification of Environmental management system(ISO14001:2015)
2018 Confirmation of Venture companies and certification of quality management system(ISO13485:2016)
2017 Designated as ‘Excellent Sports Product Manufacturing Maker’
2016 Launched S21T Series
2015 STEX International trademark registration (U.S, Australia, China ~2025.10.25)
2014 STEX Products were designated as ‘Excellent Product’(~2015.12.29)
2009 Developed Teaching Pendant (TP510) of Hyundai heavy industry
2008 Completed Biostride International trademark registration
2007 STEX U.S trademark registration (Copy
2005 Received 5 million dollars export tower from government
2003 Designated as ‘Excellent Sports Product Manufacturing Maker’(~2008.12.31)
Received 1 million dollars export tower
2002 Received Korea CEO Brand Power Award
2001 Expanded to Chinese market
Established R&D Center
1996 Developed exercise load Treadmill
1995 Founded Taeha Mechatronics Co., Ltd.